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NB Minimus Buzz

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Running
Rarely does a new release create as much buzz and excitement as the new Minimus line of running shoes has at our stores. The Minimus line hit our three locations within the last few weeks and the buzz has continued to drive curious runners into all three stores eager to learn about this new approach to running footwear.
Inspired by Good Form Running and designed with a reduced stack height (Distance from foot to ground) less drop (difference in height from heel to forefoot) and significant less weight, New Balance Minimus products deliver the ultimate in minimal running. The ultra-flexible and minimal sole delivers increased ground control and the discourages heel strike leading to a forefoot – or in some cases midfoot strike.
To learn more about NB Minimus stop in one of our stores and learn from one of our trained sales associates or follow this link to read more.

Minimus MR10BR


Minimus MR10BG


Minimus WR10OG